Our Roots

Bellows Direct Food Services - The South Coasts leading wholesale fresh produce suppliers

From selling watercress door to door to our thriving local food service business today, that supplies a vast variety of fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, dairy, frozen and dry goods to the South Coast of England, the Bellows family have come a long way in the last 100 years.

  • Early 1900s Trading began with the Bellows Boys selling Alresford Watercress door to door, whilst the girls sold Flowers on the old Bomb site Edwin Jones, what we now know as Debenhams in Southampton City Centre.
  • 1939/1940s After the vast success of the watercress business, the Bellows family invested in their own watercress beds in Fordingbridge, Hampshire.
  • 1940s-1980s Bill maintained a successful trade, continuing the family business with the help of his Son Jim, his wife Doreen and their children Stephen, Jennifer and Wayne.
  • 1980 - Bill hands the business to Jim and wife Doreen, with their main market trade at Lymington as well as several other markets including Ringwood, Blandford, Christchurch, and New Milton.
  • Late 90s - present Sons Stephen and Wayne both begin their own successful market trading business' across the South Coast with the help of several family members including  nephew Dan (1995) and Niece Claire (2003).
  • 2009 - With the support of Uncle Stephen, family and friends, Dan began the foodservice model that Bellows Direct has transformed into today at our first depot in Base point, Southampton.
  • 2010 - With the grand expansion of the business, we then moved in to the much larger warehouse, located today in the hub of the traditional fruit market at the bottom of Southampton City Centre.  Dan, Stephen and Claire are still continually growing the business with the helping hand of a loyal team of friends and employees, who all make up the family here at Bellows.
    100 years on.

Today Bellows Direct Food Services is expanding year on year. Run by 5th Generation Dan Fitzhenry, the business is built on 5 key principles

Excellent Quality

Personal Service

Affordable Price


Proud to be doing Business Differently

The company is continually adding new product lines, finding new ways to continually improve our service to our wide range of clients, whilst seeking new methods to keep costs as low as possible for all our customers.

The business is growing, but the principles are the same: that our staff, suppliers and customers are the key to our success.

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Bellows Direct Food Services Testimonials

"All the team at Bellows Direct have always been very accommodating and keep to their word of delivering a highly personal service, with great quality products."
Sonu - Owner - Rasraj, Southampton